Premium Property Information

What we offer

We'll be happy to answer most questions you might have about the offers featured on our website, completely free of charge. We can also conduct legal and structural surveys, provide you with layouts and plans for the property, as well as take more photos by your request, or record a video.

Layouts & Plans — 45 €

This includes all land layouts, architectural plans, etc. which exist about the property.

Renovation Costs — 80 €

We'll examine the property thoroughly and give you a detailed report about its condition, as well as a realistic price estimate from our reconstruction consultants.

Legal Check — 200 €

Our lawyers will make sure that the property is actually owned by the seller, isn't subject to claims, and there won't be any unpleasant surprises along the road. Now free: thorough legal checks and full legal assistance are included in our basic agent's fee. The 200 € fee for a legal check is only applicable if you need the service separately.

Custom Photos — 95 €

Want to examine something more closely? We'll go and take detailed photos of the property and its surroundings according to your request.

Property Video — 195 €

We will send our dedicated video team on the spot to create an exclusive video of the property, all in HD quality.

How to order

To ask us a question about a property, or order any of our premium information services, just click the "Request Info" button, which appears in the top right part of the page when you're viewing an offer. This will take you to a form where you can tell us what you need. Just submit it and we will contact you for confirmation, as well as payment details.

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