Our Fees

Our fees are very reasonable: 3% of the final price for your first deal (with a minimum of 850 €), and 2% for each subsequent deal (minimum of 650 €). They include a wide range of complimentary services for your convenience.

List of services included:

Free viewing trips

Viewing trips within Varna are free of charge. For viewing trips in the country, a small fee of 0.25 € per km applies, which is fully refundable upon completing a purchase. For more details, see our page on free viewing trips.

Evaluation and negotiation

Based on our extensive knowledge of the local market, we'll evaluate the property of your choice. We will take into account its location, type, and condition, and we'll professionally negotiate the price and terms with the seller in your best interest.

Legal statement

Our lawyers do prepare legal statements prior to any deposits paid, as well as before signing the preliminary and final contract. They do guarantee and are accountable for any documents signed by you. Lawyer's fees are covered by our standard fee.


We provide you with all available documents concerning the property in question — including, wherever applicable: plans and layouts, tax evaluation, market evaluation, list of furniture, receipts proving that utilities have been paid, rental contracts, security company contracts, and anything else needed. This way you can be 100% sure of what you're actually buying.

Power of attorney

Should you choose us to act as your proxies, we will provide you with a power of attorney for you to sign — so we can take care of completing the deal on your behalf.

Bank account

We can open a dedicated bank account for you and use it for transfering the payment. After the deal is complete, we will transfer the balance left in the account back to you, and close the account.

Preliminary and final contracts

Our lawyers will prepare the purchase contracts and provide them to you for any final amendments prior to signing them. After the deal is completed, we can either send you the original ownership documents, or keep them safe in our office.

Handling the minor formalities

After the deal is completed, we'll also take care of all that's left to do. This includes, wherever applicable: declaring the property in the relevant tax authorities; changing the water and electricity accounts to your name; signing contracts for cable TV, and Internet access, security, et cetera. You're free to just sit back and enjoy your new property!

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