Municipality: Vulchi dol

Vulchi dol municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in in the northwest part of Varna District, between the Loudogorie mountain chain and the Dobroudzha Plain. The municipality`s administrative centre is 44 km from Varna city, about 30 km from Dobrich and Provadia and 42 km from the town of Novi Pazar. It is situated where three plateaus meet: the Varna, Dobroudzha and Loudogorie plateaus, on flat land. The average altitude is approximately 260 m. The road network consists mostly of fourth-class roads. The railway line Varna - Dobrich - Kardam passes through the municipality, with two railway stations - in the town of Valchi Dol, /freight handling facilities / and in the village of Oborishte, as well as a railway stop at the village of General Kisselovo. The closeness of port Varna (58km), the Ferryboat complex (40km) and Varna West port (36km) provide good transport communication by sea.

Quick facts about Municipality Vulchi dol
Other transcriptions: Valchi dol, Valchidol
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Вълчи дол
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Vulchi dol municipality: 472.5km2
Population of Vulchi dol municipality: 12338 people
Total Towns and Cities in Vulchi dol municipality: 1
Total Villages in Vulchi dol municipality: 21
Center of Municipality Vulchi dol: Town of Vulchi dol
Cities and villages in Vulchi dol municipality: Village of Boyana, Village of Brestak, Village of Cherventsi, Village of Dobrotich, Village of Esenitsa, Village of General Kiselovo, Village of General Kolevo, Village of Iskar, Village of Izvornik, Village of Kaloyan, Village of Karamanite, Village of Krakra, Village of Metlichina, Village of Mihalich, Village of Oborishte, Village of Radan voyvoda, Village of Shtipsko, Village of Stefan Karadja, Village of Strahil, Village of Voyvodino, Town of Vulchi dol, Village of Zvanets

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