Municipality: Varna

The Varna municipality is situated in North-East Bulgaria at the northern Black Sea Coast. The geographic location and the existing infrastructure determine the favorable development of the Municipality and its administrative center town of Varna. The well organized water and cargo transport, ferryboat, convenient warehousing facilities, railway stations make the city a crossing point between the East and West. The major factors affect the infrastructure layout of the city and predetermine the parameters of Varna transport junction, namely: Varna port, Varna international airport, and the telecommunications network.
The location on the Black Sea coast, as well as the abundant monuments of culture and natural resources make it one of the most widely known resort centers in Europe and the biggest one in the Black Sea region. The climate and the nature create favorable conditions for development of industry, trade, tourism and communications in the region. The region of Varna is the ideal place for investments for investors, who wish to conduct activities on the Balkans. The expansion of modern construction in the recent decades has marked the appearance of the modern resorts of Golden Sands, St. St. Constantine and Elena, Kamchia, the Beach Lines. The renovated and upgraded resorts offer luxury ambiance for summer and year-round recreation - hotel complexes, restaurants, entertainment establishments, sports facilities, attractions and animation, etc. The average air temperature in summer is 27В°С, and the water temperature is 24-25В°С. There are mineral water springs and spa centers in St. Konstantin and Helena resort.

Quick facts about Municipality Varna
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Варна
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Varna municipality: 237.5km2
Population of Varna municipality: 350661 people
Total Towns and Cities in Varna municipality: 1
Total Villages in Varna municipality: 5
Center of Municipality Varna: City of Varna
Cities and villages in Varna municipality: Village of Kamenar, Village of Kazashko, Village of Konstantinovo, Village of Topoli, City of Varna, Village of Zvezditsa

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