Municipality: Dolni chiflik

Dolni chiflik municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in the southwestern part of Varna District. Its territory includes the Kamchia River valley, Longoza, the northern slopes of the Kamchia part of the Balkan Range and the Black Sea coastline with the adjacent shelf. The Municipality consists of 17 cities and villages. The regional center of Dolni chiflik municipality is town of Dolni chiflik.
Dolni Chiflik Municipality has a wealth of unutilized resources for tourism development - the traditional seaside holidays tourism and alternative forms of tourism (such as rural, cognitive, hunting and ecotourism). The guests to the Municipality have the chance to enjoy the coziness of a traditional rural home in the picturesque villages Solnik and Golitsa; they may take part in the live patriarchal local feasts and customs rituals, visit the numerous protected areas and reserves to watch and take photos of bird species, rare plants and animals, go hunting in the ages-old forests of Sherba and Longoza, or fishing in the flood areas of the Kamchia River and the seacoast.

Quick facts about Municipality Dolni chiflik
Other transcriptions: Dolni Chiflic
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Долни чифлик
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Dolni chiflik municipality: 487km2
Population of Dolni chiflik municipality: 20677 people
Total Towns and Cities in Dolni chiflik municipality: 1
Total Villages in Dolni chiflik municipality: 16
Center of Municipality Dolni chiflik: Town of Dolni chiflik
Cities and villages in Dolni chiflik municipality: Village of Bulair, Village of Burdarevo, Village of Detelina, Town of Dolni chiflik, Village of Golitsa, Village of Goren chiflik, Village of Grozdyovo, Village of Krivini, Village of Nova Shipka, Village of Novo Oryahovo, Village of Pchelnik, Village of Rudnik, Village of Shkorpilovtsi, Village of Solnik, Village of Staro Oryahovo, Village of Venelin, Village of Yunets

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