Municipality: Dobrich

Dobrichka Municipality is situated in northeastern Bulgaria and is a part of Dobrich District. It is among the municipalities with largest area in Bulgaria. The population centers in the municipality are located as a ring around the municipal and district center at a distance 30 - 35 km from Dobrich city. The administrative-territorial organization of Dobrich Municipality in non-traditional given the fact that there is no natural administrative center, therefore all population centers are in equal position. Two main railway lines cross the territory of the Municipality, which carry cargoes from the ports on the Danube and the Black Sea to Sofia and the southern Balkan countries. Varna port is located immediately next to the Municipality, and only 210 km away from the border is Bucharest international airport.
Agriculture is the most important part of the Municipality`s economy. The Municipality is one of the biggest producers of agricultural products in Bulgaria. The favorable climatic and soil conditions predetermine the traditional crops being grown: wheat, sunflower seeds, corn and others.

Quick facts about Municipality Dobrich
Other transcriptions: Dobric, Dobrichka
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Добрич
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Dobrich District
Area size of Dobrich municipality: 1.296km2
Population of Dobrich municipality: 26897 people
Total Villages in Dobrich municipality: 68
Center of Municipality Dobrich: Village of Altsek
Cities and villages in Dobrich municipality: Village of Altsek, Village of Batovo, Village of Bdintsi, Village of Benkovski, Village of Bogdan, Village of Bojurovo, Village of Branishte, Village of Cherna, Village of Debrene, Village of Dobrevo, Village of Dolina, Village of Donchevo, Village of Draganovo, Village of Dryanovets, Village of Enevo, Village of Feldfebel Denkovo, Village of General Kolevo, Village of Geshanovo, Village of Hitovo, Village of Jitnitsa, Village of Kamen, Village of Karapelit, Village of Kotlentsi, Village of Kozloduytsi, Village of Kragulevo, Village of Lomnitsa, Village of Lovchantsi, Village of Lyaskovo, Village of Malka Smolnitsa, Village of Medovo, Village of Metodievo, Village of Miladinovtsi, Village of Novo Botevo, Village of Odrintsi, Village of Odurtsi, Village of Opanets, Village of Orlova mogila, Village of Ovcharovo, Village of Paskalevo, Village of Pchelino, Village of Pchelnik, Village of Plachidol, Village of Pobeda, Village of Podslon, Village of Polkovnik Ivanovo, Village of Polkovnik Minkovo, Village of Polkovnik Sveshtarovo, Village of Popgrigorovo, Village of Prilep, Village of Primortsi, Village of Rosenovo, Village of Samuilovo, Village of Slaveevo, Village of Sliventsi, Village of Smolnitsa, Village of Sokolnik, Village of Stefan Karadja, Village of Stefanovo, Village of Stojer, Village of Svoboda, Village of Tsarevets, Village of Tyanevo, Village of Vedrina, Village of Vladimirovo, Village of Vodnyantsi, Village of Vrachantsi, Village of Vratarite, Village of Zlatia

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