Municipality: Balchik

Balchik municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Dobrich District. It is a Black Sea municipality, a resort center and a popular tourist destination. There are 2 ports in the Municipality - Cargo berth and Yacht marine.
Tourism in the Municipality is developed mainly by Albena AD resort complex, as well as by numerous private companies and rest homes in Balchik city and Kranevo village. There are approximately 22,000 beds available for accommodation in private homes, summer houses, rest homes and resort complexes of Balchik municipality. Albena resort complex is one of the most beautiful resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Touzlata sanatorium resort complex with the curative mud and salt-water lake is another potential site for investments.

Quick facts about Municipality Balchik
Other transcriptions: Balcik, Balchik
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Балчик
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Dobrich District
Area size of Balchik municipality: 523km2
Population of Balchik municipality: 23161 people
Total Towns and Cities in Balchik municipality: 1
Total Villages in Balchik municipality: 21
Center of Municipality Balchik: Town of Balchik
Cities and villages in Balchik municipality: Town of Balchik, Village of Bezvoditsa, Village of Bobovets, Village of Bryastovo, Village of Dabrava, Village of Dropla, Village of Gurkovo, Village of Hrabrovo, Village of Karvuna, Village of Kranevo, Village of Kremena, Village of Lyahovo, Village of Obrochishte, Village of Prespa, Village of Rogachevo, Village of Senokos, Village of Sokolovo, Village of Strajitsa, Village of Trigortsi, Village of Tsarichino, Village of Tsurkva, Village of Zmeevo

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