Municipality: Avren

Avren municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria at the Black sea coast in Varna District. It borders with munciaplities of Varna, Beloslav, Devnya, Provadia and Dolni Chiflik. The Municipality consists of 17 cities and villages. The regional center of Avren municipality is village of Avren. Avren municipality has an outlet on the Black Sea - a 10 km coastal strip covering the Kamchia resort complex.
The economic sectors are agriculture and tourism. The existing 49 hectares of recreational forests and 16 of hunting grounds is also of vital importance. There has been considerable investment interest. By 2007 4- and 5-star hotels, a golf course and a horse-riding club are planned to be built as part of the complex. A major investment contribution in the resort belongs to the city of Moscow.

Quick facts about Municipality Avren
Other transcriptions: Awren
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Аврен
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Avren municipality: 380km2
Population of Avren municipality: 7980 people
Total Villages in Avren municipality: 17
Center of Municipality Avren: Village of Avren
Cities and villages in Avren municipality: Village of Avren, Village of Benkovski, Village of Bliznatsi, Village of Bolyartsi, Village of Dabravino, Village of Dobri dol, Village of Kazashka reka, Village of Kitka, Village of Krusha, Village of Priseltsi, Village of Ravna gora, Village of Sadovo, Village of Sindel, Village of Trastikovo, Village of Tsarevtsi, Village of Yunak, Village of Zdravets

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