Municipality: Aksakovo

Aksakovo municipality is located in the northeast of Bulgaria and consists of 23 villages with a total area of 472 It is positioned in the eastern part of the Danube Plain, which renders the area its characteristic ourlook of hills and plateaus. The main part of the territory is occupied by the Dobrudja and Frangensko plateaus, which reach over 200 m above the sea level.
The large territory of Aksakovo municipality, its various relief forms, as well as the difference in its remoteness from the sea presuppose the big differences in its climate, which is temperate-continental in the area of the plateaus. The climate is favourable for development of agriculture, especially for growing crops, vineyards, apricot-trees, etc. Aksakovo municipality is situated close to the town of Varna that has a key position in the trans-European nets and systems. All that favours the transportation and communication links.
The rural character of the region could be a good basis for development of alternative rural, natural or ecological tourism. The Krumovo, Zasmyano, Liuben Karavelovo, Botevo and Osenovo dam lakes and the Batova, Osenovska and Suha rivers are a precondition for developmet of sport and fishing tourism.

Quick facts about Municipality Aksakovo
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Аксаково
Location: North-East Bulgaria
Province: Varna District
Area size of Aksakovo municipality: 472km2
Population of Aksakovo municipality: 18538 people
Total Villages in Aksakovo municipality: 23
Center of Municipality Aksakovo: Village of Aksakovo
Cities and villages in Aksakovo municipality: Village of Aksakovo, Village of Botevo, Village of Dobrogled, Village of Dolishte, Village of General Kantardjievo, Village of Ignatievo, Village of Izvorsko, Village of Kichevo, Village of Klimentovo, Village of Krumovo, Village of Kumanovo, Village of Lyuben Karavelovo, Village of Novakovo, Village of Oreshak, Village of Osenovo, Village of Pripek, Village of Radevo, Village of Slanchevo, Village of Vaglen, Village of Voditsa, Village of Yarebichna, Village of Zasmyano, Village of Zornitsa

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