Free Viewing Trips

Arranging a viewing trip is not as easy as it may sound!. It covers:

1. Contacting the sellers

We call all sellers to make sure that the properties are still available, as well as find out when can we visit. Usually, this includes talking to at least 15 people, and, since they're all available at different times, it can take the better part of a day just to get in touch with them all!

2. Re-negotiating the price

This is an important moment often "hidden" from the buyers. Even though it is rare for Bulgarian sellers to put their property for sale at a greatly exaggerated asking price, and many offers are listed on our website at rock bottom prices, there is often some room left for negotiation. Everyone wants to strike a deal, and nobody wants their time wasted — so sellers are actually quite likely to reconsider prices if we ask them: "Well, my client's budget is [this much]. Having in mind your asking price is [that much], do you think it's worth showing them your property?".

3. Sorting all the properties

All the properties on the list are then sorted in the shortest route possible. This way we can save time and reduce fuel costs.

4. Calling all the owners again

We get in touch with the owners once more, in order to arrange for the exact time and place to meet them.

Still, our viewing trips remain free of charge.
For viewing trips outside Varna, a standard fuel fee of 0.25 € per km applies, which is fully refundable upon a deal.

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