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Why You Need A Company

One peculiarity of Bulgarian law is that foreigners may not directly acquire ownership rights over land. This includes the land under a house, or even "ideal parts" — the small piece of land that might come with an apartment. Even if you inherit land in Bulgaria, you have three years to transfer it to a Bulgarian national or company.

However, this restriction does not concern Bulgarian companies - even if they're registered and owned by foreign nationals. This way you can acquire full land ownership rights, even over agricultural land. The only thing it takes is registering or joining a company under the Bulgarian legislation.

Note: if you're not buying any land, you need not register a company.

Company Registration

The most common type of organization used in the above manner is the Private Limited Company (in Bulgarian, ООД (OOD) — if joint ownership; ЕООД (EOOD) — if single ownership). It is a commercial company, with share capital owned by its members, whose liability is limited to the amount of capital subscribed. One or more persons, including foreign natural or legal persons, may found a private liability company. The minimum foundation capital is 2 BGN, divided into shares; this company capital can be withdrawn as soon as the company is registered.

We can fully assist you with this - it may sound a bit complicated, but it's actually a very simple and standard procedure. You will only have to sign several documents, and leave the rest to us.

Our company registration fee is 290 €. This covers all the state taxes and fees, including making a company stamp and issuing one Company Status Certificate.

Changing the Company Address

Once the company has been registered, any changes to its details are possible — you can freely change the official address of the company, the name of the company, increase the company capital, etc.

We provide full assistance in this process, for a fee of 85 €.

Selling the Company

To legally avoid the high notary fees involved when purchasing a property, you can buy the entire company — if the property's owned by a company in the first place, of course. By purchasing the shares of the company from their current owners, you receive all the assets of the company.

We can fully assist you in this, our fee being 350 €.

Company Status Certificate

The certificate for actual status of the company is a document which is usually required by banks, embassies or other authorities. You get one for free when registering your company with us. Our fee for issuing another one is 15 €.

Annual Tax Forms

Every year, Bulgarian companies are obliged to submit their Annual Tax Declarations to the National Revenue Agency and National Statistic Institute (until March 31), as well as to the Electronic Commercial Register (till June 30). We can do your taxes and submit the documents on your behalf. If your company has had any activity over the past year (i.e. you've bought or sold a property), our accounting fee is 95 €. Otherwise, it is 85 €.

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