Buying Procedure

Here's how a purchase goes through, from start to end:

You give us your search criteria.

Just contact us and tell us what you're looking for. We have a comprehensive search tool to help you with that.

We narrow down the search.

We'll run a comprehensive search and send you a list of offers to consider.

You sign a commission agreement.

Having approved the list, you will sign a commission agreement.

We organize the viewing trip.

We will contact all the owners, renegotiate prices, and arrange for a viewing trip, showing you the properties you're interested in.

You make your choice.

Having placed an offer, a 1000 € deposit takes the property off the market, so that nobody else can buy it. It is at this point that you can authorize us to act on your behalf by power of attorney, saving you time and effort.

We will negotiate the conditions.

Bulgarian sellers are usually pretty reasonable about the starting price. Negotiations are a very specific part of the deal, and their success depends mainly on the skills and the experience of the negotiator. We advise you to let our experts take care of this.

We prepare the preliminary contract.

This contract's main clauses are price, method of payment, and payment date. Once the negotiations are finalized, such is signed make sure they won't change. In case the buyer or seller don't fulfill their obligations (the buyer does not pay, or the seller pulls out), the guilty party is obliged to pay a penalty.

The standard conditions of a preliminary contract are: 10% downpayment, 1 month till final payment, property handover upon signing notary deed, the buyer covers the notary fees for purchasing, the seller covers all utility bills before the handover, as well as the taxes, fees for up-to-date documents, etc.

You review and approve it.

We always wait for your instructions and would never act without your approval.

We handle all the formalities.

On your behalf, we can register a company for you, prepare and sign the notary deed, collect the deed and the keys, et cetera. After the purchase goes through, we can declare the property in the relevant tax authorities, change the utility bills to your name; as well as sign contracts for cable TV, Internet, security, etc. See the full list of services that we offer for more details.

You open a bottle of champagne! :)

You will receive a bottle of Bulgarian wine as a complementary gift from us.

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