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Short-term Visa

A short-term visa (type C) is issued for one or more entries into Bulgaria, with a cumulative duration of the stay not exceeding 90 days within any six-month period, counted from the date of the first entry. A multiple-entry short-term visa is valid for up to 12 months, unless provided for by an international treaty or in an act of the Council of Ministers.

Note: The duration of a short stay may not normally exceed 90 days from the date of entry into Bulgaria; however, this duration may be extended for humanitarian reasons.

Our fee for obtaining a type C visa: 200 €

Long-term Visa

There are actually two kinds of the long-term (type D) visa:

A 6-month visa is valid for up to six months, and entitles you to reside for up to 180 days in Bulgaria. It is issued to a foreigner who wishes to settle in the Republic of Bulgaria.

A 12-month visa is valid for up to one year, and entitles you to reside for up to 360 days in Bulgaria. It is issued to you if:

  • you're a student, scholar, or trainee, or you're conducting scientific research.
  • you're on a business trip related to the implementation of a tourist services contract.
  • you're on a business trip related to investments certified under the Investment Promotion Act.

To get the D-type visa one needs to possess:

  • A proof of national insurance or social security in the country of residence
  • An insurance policy of at least 30 000 €, issued by an insurance company that can operate on the territory of the EU. This insurance policy must cover all expenses for eventual repatriation and urgent medical help or urgent medical treatment in hospital for the period of the stay specified in the visa.
3) Certain amount of money for living and accommodation in Bulgaria.

Our fee for obtaining a type D visa: 450 €

Long-term Stay Permit

The long-term stay permit may be granted to foreigners who already possess a D-type visa. It is valid for 1 year, and has to be renewed annually. You will be issued a Bulgarian Identity Card (the same ID document that Bulgarians citizens have). After spending 5 years with long-term permits, you can apply for permanent residence.

In order to obtain a long-term stay permit, you must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • you wish to work under a contract of employment after obtaining a permit from the authorities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
  • you are a family member of a Bulgarian citizen, or of a foreigner who has been granted a long-term stay permit.
  • you engage in commercial activities in Bulgaria, and you've created at least ten jobs for Bulgarian citizens.
  • you are carrying out activities under the Investment Promotion Act — i.e. you have already invested in Bulgaria at least US$ 500 000.
  • you have been admitted for full-time study at a licensed Bulgarian educational establishment.
  • you are a foreign specialist residing in Bulgaria by virtue of international treaties whereto the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.
  • you are a foreign mass-media correspondent who is accredited in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • you possess a pension entitlement and means to subsist in Bulgaria.
  • you have been admitted for long-term treatment to a medical facility, and possess means to pay for subsistence and treatment.
  • you have been granted a special protection status under Article 25 of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Act.

Please note that all applicants for long-term stay permits are subject to thorough checks by Interpol, Europol, etc. All applicants must have clean crime records and must not be subject of criminal proceedings, otherwise applications will be rejected.

Residence in the Republic of Bulgaria, without fulfilment of the requirements, may be granted to foreigners who have rendered services to the Republic of Bulgaria in the public and economic sphere, in the area of national security, science, technology, culture or sports.

Our fee for legal assistance in obtaining a long-term stay permit: 500 € (state fees not included)

Permanent Bulgarian Residence

If you have decided to settle in Bulgaria permanently, we are ready to help.

Getting Bulgarian residence will give you all rights of a Bulgarian citizen except the right to vote. You will also be able to enter and leave the country as many times as you wish without the need for visas.

To obtain permanent residence, one must spend 5 years in Bulgaria with a long-term stay permit, which is valid for 1 year and is renewed every year. Such a permit may be granted to foreigners who possess D-type Visa and meet some requirements, as listed above.

Our fee for legal assistance in obtaining a long-term stay permit: ask

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